Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Other Side Of Nashville

Welcome to "The Other Side Of Nashville" blog. Over the course of the next year or so, this page will document the creation and progress of The Other Side Of Nashville, a book and documentary film providing an admittedly incomplete history of Nashville's non-country music scene. Rock, rap, blues and even reggae have been a large part of the Music City for 30 years now, but you wouldn't know it from the media outside of Nashville. What we're attempting to do is to capture a small part of the rich history of Nashville's non-country music scene for posterity. If you're a musician that was in a band or performed solo and were based in Nashville from 1976 through the present day, we'd like to include you in the project. You can find out how to get involved by checking out our Nashville page.

We're also going to use this blog to share stories of the good old days of Nashville's rock scene, as remembered by me, the Rev. Keith A. Gordon. I was there when most of this local history happened, covering the scene for publications like Andy Anderson's Nashville Intelligence Report and Gus Palas' Metro music magazine, circa 1982 - 92. The Reverend is a former contributor to Bone music magazine and the Nashville Scene. We'd also be glad to post information on what's going on with local bands -- if you'd like to get involved with the blog, contact the Reverend, details on the Nashville page.


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