Wednesday, June 28, 2006

High School Daze

It probably comes as no surprise to readers that the Reverend had the rock & roll jones bad even as far back as high school. Attending Franklin HS circa 1971-75, I remember skipping lunch to buy a bunch of Mothers Of Invention albums from an older friend for $2.00 - $3.00 each on a "payment plan." I managed bands, played guitar and bass, and started writing about music for Sunrise, the White Panther "journal of music and liberation."

Like almost everybody else, I thought that high school sucked bad. I coped with the usual self-medication that was trendy during the early-70s: a combination of illegal pharma and Boone's Farm apple and strawberry wines. A constant soundtrack of Jimi Hendrix, Spirit, Alice Cooper, Howlin' Wolf and the New York Dolls got me through four years of mind-numbing, dumbed-down lessons (not to mention that classes definitely cut into my social schedule).

One of my favorite moments of school was our senior year class play. During my junior year, the Brentwood "mob" -- Pete Carney, Bill Spicer and myself, along with a cast of fellow travelers and sympathetic bystanders -- wrote and produced the first original play in the history of Franklin HS. A satire of television called "All Rights Reversed," the production played extra shows and was the most successful ever presented at the school in terms of box office.

We all were asked to create a second "All Rights Reversed" our senior year, which we agreed to on the condition that we could include a live music segment at the end. The entire event became quite a scandal, which is the subject for an entirely different story, but the live music was particularly cool. The first segment featured guitarist/songwriter Donna Frost and keyboardist Pete Carney and the second segment featured Carney and guitarist Norm Rau (Dessau).

Donna is a longtime friend of the Reverend's, from 9th grade homeroom through the thirty + years that have since passed. Donna is a talented musician, and an important participant in Nashville's '80s rock scene. Donna performed with several bands, from the Bunnies and the Paper Dolls to Mystique. For the past decade, Donna has performed solo as a folk-rock artist, writing songs and traveling the world.

Donna will be featured in "The Other Side Of Nashville" DVD project and was kind enough to send us this very cool song that remembers the Nashville rock music scene. "Three Chords & The Truth" was written by Frost and Jack Howell and will be featured on Donna's next album. You can check out the lyrics below, which will also be featured in the project's discography/history book.

(Donna Frost-Jack Howell)

1. I'm going back tonight where it all began, a little dive on the corner of West End
Keeping it real, true to my soul,
There was more to this than money, deals or people I should know
The most important thing I learned under that roof
All you need in this world is 3 chords and the truth

2. Bruce still tends the bar like he did in '83
And when I see him now, it all comes back to me
He watched us come & go, helped us on the way
No matter how good or bad it was
We all had something to say
It became our refuge, under that roof
A place where we could go & play 3 chords & the truth

Bridge: Some of us went on to better things
Some burnt out fast
Some gave up the dream
And some left this town with their foot down on the gas

3. There was a man all the girls loved
He was on his way to the top but that wasn't enough
Turning to the needle to take away the pain
This would be his last shot, he'd never do it again
Tonight I think about him as I sit in our old booth and another band is playing 3 chords and the truth.

Some things change, some things never do
But I still believe in 3 chords & the truth

2004, ASCAP, Hurricane Donna Music

Donna Frost's web site:


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