Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nashville Rock Shopping Spree

Waking up Saturday morning, the Reverend had a single purpose in mind: go record shopping! I had a list of 200+ artists that could be featured in "The Other Side Of Nashville" book, and had recordings on only about half of them. There were a few that were at the list, notably the Smashers' major label debut vinyl, the Chip & the Chiltons LP and Radio One's lone locally-released album.

First stop was Tower Records, just to check out what they might have in the store's "local artists" section. Honestly, it had been a while since I checked out this section of Tower and I had to look to find it. Unfortunately, two employees that I asked has no idea of where it was and I ended up stumbling across it myself. Tower's local artists shelf is located in the very back corner of the store, behind the jazz, vocal and soundtrack artists, for chris'sakes! It's nowhere near the "rock" music section (where it once was and where one might actually expect to find it), representing a kind of rock & roll ghetto amidst lesser genres of music (sorry, jazz buffs, but rock is the nazz and Miles and Bird have been gone a long time).

'Tis a shame, too, 'cause the Tower local artists section has a lot of cool CDs by bands past and present. Although there was a good bit of chaff among the wheat, the Reverend did pick up CDs by long-forgotten bands like Popular Genius and Bombshell Crush as well as one of my favorites, Jetpack. The next stop would be The Great Escape.

It was at The Great Escape that I expected to find some long-lost vinyl to integrate into the project. After striking out with chance potshots at finding discs from Intruder, Afrikan Dreamland and Chip & the Chiltons, I found the Smashers album I wanted as well as the Radio One. As a bonus I found the Actuel 12" EP that features Robb Earls and John Elliott. Best of all, I found an obscure, veritable forgotten LP called Nashville Homegrown. Released as a benefit album for Second Harvest Food Bank, the disc features local rock artists like Will Rambeaux & the Delta Hurricanes, the White Animals, Mark Germino & the Folk And Roll Band, Civic Duty and the Nerve. It was a cool find and provided a wealth of band info in the liner notes.

Last stop on Saturday was Grimey's, which has a small but well-stocked local music section. Although I usually have a list of used discs that I look for at Grimey's, on this visit I remained planted in the local section. As such, I picked up CDs from Ghostfinger, Character, the Privates and Joe, Marc's Brother from the local shelf. I also found copies of Be Your Own Pet's major label debut and the new David Meade CD. Luckily, I had trade credit to expend on local discs 'cause I certainly couldn't have afforded to pay for all the discs with cash (especially since I had spent everything except my lunch money at Tower and The Great Escape).

When I got home I wasn't satisfied with my haul for the day, so I took a spin through eBay and found the two Dessau CDs for next to nothing from a couple of buyers and decided to go for them. Unsatisfied with the weekend's take, I rounded up a copy of the Chip & the Chiltons' vinyl from The Great Escape's online store, along with an Anastasia Screamed CD that I didn't have so I ordered them both with the meager funds I had available.

I'd have to consider the "shopping spree" a successful one, albeit a joyride that I won't be able to afford to take again anytime soon. I've always supported local music, and don't mind buying it when possible, but donations of recordings from local artists for the project will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps by September I'll be able to afford another "shopping spree" for local music, but until then I rounded up a lot of cool tunes to tide me over until the next time.


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I have always found the local section at Phonoluxe to have the best selection, or to be a place where you can find more of that older Nashville rock vinyl. I think I might have a dusty old cassette copy of Chip Chilton's "Where's My Cat?" that you could listen to, and a cassette of a Rumble Circus demo as well. -- Robert

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