Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bonepony's Gear Stolen!!!

Rockin' Readers: Our friends Bonepony issued the following statement about the theft of their gear so we thought that we'd share the info. Bonepony is a indie rock band that makes their living from live shows and their own self-produced CDs, so this is a hard loss for a great bunch of guys. Please feel free to pass the following post along to anybody that might be interested and/or post it on your own blog. Thanks! -- Reverend K

Just a quick bulletin to let everyone know that yesterday the entire Bonepony road show was stolen. All of our production, P.A., Kenny's priceless custom drum kit, cymbals, guitar rigs, t-shirts, CDs... the whole shebang. Our trailer, too. Everything but our stringed instruments.

This will be VERY difficult to rebound from to say the least, however we will push on and no gigs are being cancelled. We are asking that anyone familiar with our unique equipment to please keep an eye out for it. Most all of our cases have our logo stenciled on them and Kenny's drums are very rare and unique and can be viewed in the photo section of our website @

Although we're being realistic about the fact that it isn't likely we'll recover any of our gear, it can't hurt to put the word out to everyone. We play in just about every state in the union so this stuff has got to turn up somewhere. If you see any of it please let us know by e-mailing us at or by calling the bonefone @ 615-641-6240.

Thanks for everything and we hope to see everyone at the shows.

Best, Scott, Nick, Kenny and the whole Bonepony family


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