Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tommy Womack: Rock Star

It's been a couple of weeks since Tommy Womack released his fourth studio album, his first album in almost five years. I've lived with There, I Said It! since about a week before its official release, listened to it daily, and let me tell you, this is a great record...perhaps one of the best ever made by a Nashville rocker. It's certainly a breath of fresh air considering the crap that Music Row keeps churning out, a brilliant combination of retrospective, often funny lyrics and roots-rock, Americana country, blues and hard rock like what Tommy once did with Govt. Cheese. You can read my full review of There, I Did It! on my "Trademark Of Quality" audioblog and, for a short time, listen to mp3 files of songs from the album.

While you're thinking about Tommy, make sure that you drop by the Nashville Scene and read Mike McCall's great article on one of Nashville's most overlooked and under-appreciated artists. And if you just want to take the Reverend's word for it, click through the CD cover and buy There, I Said It! from You'll be glad that you did!

My reviews of other ultra-cool Tommy Womack albums:
Positively Na Na (1998)
Stubborn (2000)

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