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More Nashville Rock On You Tube

Since our previous post on Nashville rock videos found on You Tube proved to be so popular, spawning several emails and comments, I thought that I'd go digging again and see what Nashville rock gems might be unearthed on the site. Of course, the obvious first place to look is on Allen Sullivant's You Tube page, as Allen has a bunch of ultra-groovy local vids that he has rescued for posterity. Since I kicked off this blog's mp3 entries with the Questionnaires a couple of nights ago, below you'll find links to a pair of that band's videos, including the official label-made "Window To The World" from the 1989 album of the same name, along with a cool cover of the Flamin' Groovies "Teenage Head."

It would only be fair, since I'm raiding Allen's video vault, that I include a couple of selections from his brother Scott's wonderful band, Practical Stylists. Keeping with the Flamin' Groovies theme, I've included a 1983 performance of "Shake Some Action," captured live at Cantrell's. What the band's "You Never Call," also from Cantrell's circa 1983, lacks in resolution it more than makes up for in energy and the song's catchy hook. Practical Stylists were a good band in their day, very popular in the region and easily the Music City equivalent of better-known power-pop outfits like the Records or the Shirts.

Also in a power-pop vein is this cool video by Bill Lloyd & the December Boys. Bill and the band were promoting the1986 Summer Lights Festival with this live performance of "Nothing Comes Close" from the Channel 5 studios. For our final take from Allen's stash, we've nicked a rare video of pre-show footage shot at a 1983 Cat's Records show held outside the store on West End Avenue. Onstage are the Practical Stylists, and I could swear that I saw Rick Champion helping the band set-up. There are a lot of other familiar faces in the crowd as well, so take a look.

Robert Logue let me know of this cool video for the Shakers' song "Jewel" from 1991 and I found another Shakers' video, featuring a haunting live performance of the band's "Mystery Gift," that was shot live (and transferred with a minimum of pixelation) at 328 Performance Hall. How about this live performance by Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, shot last October on a camera phone of all things? Dan moved to Nashville during the Georgia Satellites' brief stardom, and his band features the great Kenny McMahan of the Dusters, so even though the sound is distorted and the faces washed out, we threw it in here anyway 'cause it rocks!

Finally, in memory of Billy Chinnock, here's a link to the official label video for "Somewhere In The Night. " Good song, lousy video, and proof that during the '80s the labels had absolutely no idea how to make music videos (not that they do much better today). Considering how badly CBS (now Sony) fucked up Chinnock's career, the video should come as no surprise. This one makes absolutely no sense in the context of the song and ends with a ridiculous bar fight. At least Billy gives as good as he gets during the free-for-all and he even gets the girl in the end. That's show biz, I guess! Enjoy the videos and, as usual, your comments are welcome!

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin - "Railroad Steel"

Cat's Records Outdoor Show - Pre-Show Footage

Billy Chinnock "Something In The Night"

Bill Lloyd & the December Boys "Nothing Comes Close"

Practical Stylists "Shake Some Action"

Practical Stylists "You Never Call"

The Questionnaires "Teenage Head"

The Questionnaires "Window To The World"

The Shakers "Jewel"

The Shakers "Mystery Gift"

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