Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rock For Perry!

As many of you folks know, Perry Bags – Jason & the Scorchers' drummer and a mighty talented songwriter in his own right – is very sick. Perry has suffered from diabetes for years and has recently spent a heck of a lot of time in the hospital, undergoing dialysis and other not-so-much-fun stuff. Perry will need a kidney transplant, and that kind of surgical work doesn't come cheap. To this end, the Scorchers played a reunion show benefit last weekend to raise money to offset some of Perry's growing medical expenses.

From all accounts, the show rocked, and guests like former Scorchers Andy York and Ken Fox, Bruce Hilton from the band the Digbees, former Georgia Satellite Dan Baird and Dusters' axeman Ken McMahan all pitched in to help. Stace England, a great singer/songwriter from Illinois, came down to open for the Scorchers on Saturday night. On the previous night, Friday, Stacie Collins and her band, which included Scorchers six-string wizard Warner Hodges, kicked out the jams and rocked for Perry, along with Tommy Womack and the Bottle Rockets.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get back down to Nashville to catch either show, which was disappointing but financially unavoidable. I wanted to do something for Perry since I heard about his condition, but other than send a donation, I couldn't think of any other way to help – until I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM with what might be a brilliant idea!

My ROCK TALK book, which was published in 2004, includes interviews with Jason & Warner of the Scorchers, the band's manager Jack Emerson (shortly after he had launched E Squared Records with Steve Earle) and other musicians that might be of interest to Scorchers' fans, namely Dan Baird of the Georgia Satellites, Webb Wilder, Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers, the Cactus Brothers and Kevn Kinney of Drivin' N Cryin'. You'll find a full list in the ad to the right. Although it hasn't sold that many copies, I recently paid the fees associated with keeping this book in print, for some reason that was unknown at the time.

So here's the reason: all profits from the sale of copies of ROCK TALK through July 15th will be donated directly to Perry's medical support fund. If you buy the book directly from me for $11.00 (postage included) by using the PayPal link to your right, I'll autograph it for you and it will result in roughly a $5.00 donation to Perry's medical fund. If you'd rather buy a copy of the book through, you can click through on the cover picture above, but only around $2.00 will go to Perry after Amazon, the distributor and the printer take their cut. Either way, buy a copy of ROCK TALK and help Perry out!

Orders for the book must be placed by July 15th, and the next day I'll place the order with the printer; copies will be shipped out to everybody by the end of the month. Copies of ROCK TALK purchased through will be shipped by them on their schedule and will not be autographed.

I'm not going to take a dime off this project, and in the interest of transparency, I will post all of the financial information about the project on this site. I don't have much money to donate to Perry's cause, but I do have time that I can donate, so make me sign some books!

ROCK TALK is an 116-page paperback with black & white photos and 36 interviews.

Sample ROCK TALK interview: Webb Wilder [PDF]

Perry Baggs Medical Support Fund Info

Original Scorchers benefit show article on Associated Content

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