Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Been A Long, Long Time...

Damn, has it really been three months since I last posted here? Yeah, I guess so. Plenty o' stuff going on, though. The Reverend has begun writing CD reviews for Harp magazine; my review of the Strawbs' frontman Dave Cousins' new solo album is in the latest issue. I also picked up a freelance writing gig with Future Publishing's new Gloob TV site (, penning commentaries on web videos. It ain't much, but it helps pay the bills...

To answer the question that's on everybody's lips, yes, work on the book progresses, albeit slowly. I've been slogging through the Nashville rock discography...still...but hope to have it done soon so that I can jump into the book's articles and reviews. I've been talking to musician's from Nashville's past, catching up with folks with interviews for the book; some of them are still involved in music, some of them aren't, but all have interesting stories to read. I've been looking for old album reviews from archived floppies, zip disks and CD-Rs and digging through reams of photocopies of old issues of NIR and The Metro as well as reading through old copies of House O' Pain and other zines to make sure that all my facts are straight.

The delay in getting the book done has its benefits, however. I've received emails from a number of band members with info about their bands and I promise that I'll respond to everybody that has will just take some time. Some folks have sent CDs and photos and such for inclusion in the book and I've managed to dig up a lot of information on bands and artists that I didn't have before. I'll have a number of new bands to add to the "official" list sometime soon. Since I'm still working on the project, if you have information about any Nashville rock bands circa 1976-2006, please email me and we'll get 'em in the book.

Right now, I hope to have everything done and between covers by the end of the year, but I'll make no promises. I'd rather get it done right than get it done fast, and since most of the book's info lies in the past, it ain't going nowhere, so to speak. I've got a great cover picture picked out and have begun etching out a tentative lay-out for the book, so it's all good. As the project picks up steam towards its conclusion, I'll begin posting more mp3 files, photos and reviews and such here, so be sure to come back and visit soon. I promise that it won't take me three months to post again!


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