Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Bunnies' Christmas Celebration

Okay, so it's not really on Christmas, but one of Nashville's favorite '80-era bands – The Bunnies – will be playing at Windows On The Cumberland on the Friday night following the holiday (December 28th). My friend, Bunny Donna Frost, says that the band had so much fun playing their 25th anniversary show back in October, that they decided to perform some more local shows.

You can find out all about the Bunnies on my original post [link], including an easy-do-download mp3 file of one of the band's very cool songs...or you can get thee hence to the Bunnies MySpace page to get more info and listen to some more great songs. In the meantime, plan on spending the evening of the 28th at Windows On The Cumberland, 515 Second Avenue North in downtown Nashville!

(Click on the show poster to see a larger image)

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