Saturday, December 15, 2007

Too Cool Grimey's Video Docu

I have to admit that I didn't find this video clip on my own, but saw it recently on the Scene's "Nashville Cream" blog and thought that I'd share it here. This mini-documentary (very mini-mini) features an interview with Mike "Grimey" Grimes and Doyle "D-Funk" Davis, the owners of Nashville's erstwhile indie record store, Grimey's New & Preloved Music. The video was created by hometown boys Tugboat Productions and is hosted on the youth-culture oriented Vimby ("Video In My Back Yard") web site. Tugboat Productions has also made music videos for local bands like the Carter Administration, Hands Down Eugene and Spider Virus.

Aside from some very cool interior shots of the store, the video also includes background music by Charles Walker & the Dynamites, Nashville's reigning kings of funk-n-soul music. If you love energetic soul music, you really should check out the Dynamites' 2007 album Kaboom! which kicks serious ass on many levels. Nashville music lovers should be very proud and elated to be the home of Grimey's. In the year that I've been gone from Nashville, I can honestly say that I miss Grimey's, The Great Escape and Phonoluxe a hell of a lot. As many of my close friends could testify to, it was tradition on most Saturday mornings for the Reverend to make the rounds of all three stores, selling and trading promo discs and digging up CDs and vinyl from my "want list" and picking up something new to hear on the recommendation of Anna, Jon or Josh @ Grimey's.

I've been in a few used CD stores around Buffalo and Rochester during the last year, and have yet to find anything on the level of any of the three Nashville stores that I frequented, and certainly no indie store like Grimey's. Plans are to venture deep into the heart of Rochester on the weekend after Christmas and finally check out the legendary House Of Guitars store, which boasts of stocking over 4,000,000 CDs, albums and tapes on its eight floors, as well as the musical gear that the store has become world-famous for. In the meantime, I miss the Saturdays at Grimey's, for the conversations as well as the music. Other things I miss about Nashville, aside from my friends and extended family? The International Market on Belmont, Los Palmas Mexican Restaurant in Cool Springs, Provenance Bread on 21st Avenue, Borders Books in Brentwood (and on West End) and Woody's Smoke Shop in Cool Springs (strictly for the wide selection of imported beer).

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