Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cashville411; new Wilder, Earle reviews

While I'm working towards a FINAL version of the band list, I thought that you folks might be interested in a couple of side thingies that I've put together. First of all, just one directory over, on my Trademark of Quality blog, you'll find reviews of the newish Webb Wilder live album and the stunning debut from Justin Townes Earle (yeah, Steve's son). You can find those reviews, and many others, through these links:

Webb Wilder - "Born To Be Wilder" CD review

Justin Townes Earle - "The Good Life" CD review

Although it's not exactly Nashville-related, Drivin-N-Cryin (from Atlanta) used to play the Music City quite a bit back in the late-80s/early-90s, and they were signed to Island Records by former Praxis A&R goddess Kim Buie, so some of you might enjoy this review as well:

Drivin-N-Cryin - "Fly Me Courageous" CD review

Although it hasn't been "officially" announced to the local press, there's a new Nashville music-related web portal called Cashville411 that has launched. The site, which covers all facets of Nashville's non-country music scene (including rap, business and recording news) was launched by well-known man-around-town Daryl Sanders, former editor of Bone Music Magazine, and other credentials.

The Reverend is happy to say that I'm affiliated with the site, contributing a bi-weekly review column titled "The Amen Corner." If you'll look at the Cashville411 front page, in the section marked "columns" to the left, you'll find "The Amen Corner" listed. So far I've contributed reviews of the Legendary Shack*Shakers, Will Hoge, Bonepony, Jason Ringenberg and rapper All $tar to the site. Check out some of these reviews through the links below:

Jason Ringenberg - "Best Tracks and Side Tracks" CD review

All $tar - "$tarlito's Way II" CD review

Bonepony - "Celebration Highway" CD review

All of these literary diversions aside, work on the book continues slowly and I've gathered a bunch of new band names to add to the "official" list. I hope to finish up the vinyl and 7" portion of the discography in the next week to ten days, and then start cranking out the interviews that I've got on tape. Believe it or not, The Other Side Of Nashville book will see the light of day this summer (I hope). In the meantime, enjoy all this other fun stuff!



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