Monday, June 09, 2008

Sum Moor Wordz!!! (Book Project Update)

Since the ol' Reverend receives around a dozen or so emails each week asking when THE OTHER SIDE OF NASHVILLE book will be done, I figured that it was about high time that I gave all of you a project update...

...we're almost there, at least in comparison to where we were a year ago (how's that for sounding like a politician?). I'd estimate that the writing of the book is around 80% completed. The final 20% is almost all interviews that I hope to finish transcribing, editing and polishing to a chrome-like sheen by mid-July. There are still a handful of interviews that I want to do, with some people that I want to talk to, and then it's off to laying out the book for printing. To get prepared for lay-out, I've cropped, converted, and cleaned up over 150 band photos, show posters, CD and LP covers, and misc. graphics for use in the book. THE OTHER SIDE OF NASHVILLE will be a very graphic-oriented book with lots of pics in between my (and a few other people's) words.

So, when will the book be done? I'm shooting for the fall ... yes, of 2008 ... late-September, perhaps, maybe October. When you see that I've posted the book's rad cover art on the blog here, you'll know that it's right around the corner. Stay tuned ... this slow-moving snowball is beginning to pick up steam as it rolls downhill and closes in on publication day!


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