Monday, June 09, 2008

Your Help Needed!

The Reverend needs the help of his Nashville friends on a couple of projects – one concerning THE OTHER SIDE OF NASHVILLE book, the other this blog.

1) PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDED! Big Bad Nashville is sponsoring a "Return to Elliston Square" show on Saturday night, June 28th, 2008 featuring Cloverbottom, the Bunnies, Walk The West and Royal Court of China. As my meager finances won't allow me to jet down to the Music City from WNY to witness what promises to be a great show, I'd like to enlist the help of a local photog to document the show. I'd like some photos of each band to post here on the blog and, if they'd fit, to include in the book. I'm guessing that everybody is pretty much shooting digital these days, so a high-rez .jpg format would be preferred. If this sounds like something that you'd like to do, contact me by email at rev.gordon (at)

2) BANDS WANTED FOR MP3 GOODIES DISC! The Reverend has spoken with several people about including some sort of mp3 disc of local bands with the book, and after hashing it over with these folks and other friends, here's what I've come up with. To entice people to buy a copy of THE OTHER SIDE OF NASHVILLE book directly from me (which results in more money for the project), we're going to put together a limited edition "goodies disc" that will include songs in mp3 format by as many bands as we can enlist, along with a photo gallery of Nashville rock, maybe even a copy of the book in PDF format. The "goodies disc" will only be available free with a copy of the book, and only 100 or maybe 200 copies will be created. I need bands to submit mp3s to include on the disc. If you'd like your music included on this disc, contact me by email at rev.gordon (at) Nashville-area bands (Murfreesboro, Bowling Green, etc) only, please. MP3s should be of decent quality (256kpbs or better) and band contact information provided.

Here's the deal on my plans for THE OTHER SIDE OF NASHVILLE book. If I can sell enough copies, both direct and through local retailers, as well as on, I plan on taking the profits and spending a week in Nashville videotaping interviews for a future documentary on the "other side of Nashville." I figure that it will take sales of 600-800 copies (depending on the ratio between direct sales and wholesale sales) to finance this deal, which I think is something that can be achieved. Got to get the book done, first, though, so now it's back to work....


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