Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yeah, We're Still Here....

Yeah, we're still here...I realize that it doesn't look like it, since I haven't posted to this blog in better than six months. I could give you all a bunch of excuses....I've been real busy working as the "Blues Guide" for my Blues involved in a couple of outside book publishing deals so that I could make a quick buck...even been writing a bunch for Blurt Magazine online to help those good folks get the new site launched.

Truth is, I've made very little progress on The Other Side Of Nashville book during the past few months....kind of in a holding pattern, really. The Blues Guide gig that I took to make a few extra shekels has proven to take up more of my time than I thought, but after eight months I think that I've gotten a handle on it all. With the new year, I figure that I can re-focus my energies, shed some of the extra-curricular activities that I've been involved with, and get back to work on the book.

The writing of the book remains about 90% completed, and I've begun running through each section touching some stuff up and adding to others. I'm going to get cranking on the interviews to get them transcribed and done, and I'm hoping to get the book on the street this spring. I even began a tentative lay-out this week, to see exactly how I'd put the enormous amount of information that I've compiled down on paper. It looks good so far, and I hope to really get rolling on it and finish the book.

I know that everybody's heard all of this before, but as some of you know, working two jobs and trying to do anything else, much less write a book, is difficult. It will get done when it's done, and it should look great! What this means is if you have photos, recordings, or whatever that you'd like to submit for the book, please get in touch ASAP!

ONE MORE THING: I've noticed a little negativity creeping into the comments section of the blog. Somebody posted a comment a month or so ago that had some potentially-libelous comments about Gus Palas, and he contacted me about it. After reading it over, I agreed with Gus and deleted the post. I deleted another that had some questionable things to say about a local female rocker.

If you want to comment on the book project or talk about the good old days (or even the good new days) of Nashville music, please feel free to use this forum. Even if you want to call into question my skills as a writer and critic (as one anonymous poster has), I'll leave your post untouched. Of course, I'll probably add a snide and sarcastic response, 'cause if you don't care enough about your opinions to sign your name, why should I give a damn? But I won't have the blog become a weapon for unfounded (and unverifiable) accusations, character assassination, and ad hominem attacks on people...we'll leave that up to Republican bloggers....

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