Friday, August 12, 2011

Other Side of Nashville book cover mock-up

The Other Side of NashvilleAlthough I've been pretty quiet since our Kickstarter funding came through, work has continued on The Other Side of Nashville book. All of the interviews that I'd previously done have been transcribed and are just waiting for me to add some context to the artist's comments. I found a local company to digitally scan almost three-dozen vinyl album covers so that I can include some cool and rare LP photos in the lay-out.

Best news of all, however, is the cover design of The Other Side of Nashville. I've hooked up with graphic artist Tim Shawl, who created some great front cover artwork for The Metro back in 1990 and '91. Tim hit it out of the ballpark with the front cover you see here, which perfectly captures the spirit of the book and presents the vibe I wanted for the cover. Tim is working on the back cover as well, just waiting for text from me to finish his mock-up. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this uber-cool front cover design!

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