Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glossary Long Live All Of Us CD review

It's no secret 'round these parts that Glossary is one of my all-time favorite bands on the Nashville rock scene. I've bought every new CD as they appear, and I'm always glad to hear new music from these guys. The band's latest album, Long Live All Of Us is no exception, and it struck me so strongly that I penned a CD review for my friends at Blurt magazine:

"Perhaps it's because of their geographic location - about 30 minutes south of Nashville in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - but Glossary all too often gets lumped in with the Americana or alt-country crowd. While Glossary has been known to let slip a little twang now and then on the edges of their guitar-driven rock 'n' roll songs, the reality is that for going on 14 years (and counting), Glossary has quietly earned a reputation as one of America's best, albeit obscure rock bands."

Long Live All Of Us is one of my top five fave albums for 2011. Read the rest of the review on the Blurt magazine website....

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