Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Other Side of Nashville book update

A few of you have been asking for an update on The Other Side of Nashville book, and so here it is...we're close, very close, to being done. The cover artist is finishing up his work now that we have a definitive page count (620 pages @ 8.5"x11" in size, a real monster!), and we're about 20% through the lengthy proofreading process.

There are a couple more interviews that I'd like to include in the book and, with the page count set, it looks like we'll have enough room to squeeze these in without messing things up. We hope to have proofreading completed by the end of January, and finalize everything and send it to the printer in mid-to-late-February. A lot of this depends on the demands of my day job (and those of my volunteer proofreaders), but I'm really itching to get this thing on the street!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, and best wishes for 2012!


Glossary Long Live All Of Us CD review

It's no secret 'round these parts that Glossary is one of my all-time favorite bands on the Nashville rock scene. I've bought every new CD as they appear, and I'm always glad to hear new music from these guys. The band's latest album, Long Live All Of Us is no exception, and it struck me so strongly that I penned a CD review for my friends at Blurt magazine:

"Perhaps it's because of their geographic location - about 30 minutes south of Nashville in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - but Glossary all too often gets lumped in with the Americana or alt-country crowd. While Glossary has been known to let slip a little twang now and then on the edges of their guitar-driven rock 'n' roll songs, the reality is that for going on 14 years (and counting), Glossary has quietly earned a reputation as one of America's best, albeit obscure rock bands."

Long Live All Of Us is one of my top five fave albums for 2011. Read the rest of the review on the Blurt magazine website....

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Pujol's Nasty, Brutish and Short CD review

I meant to post this two or three weeks ago when it was first published - Blurt magazine ran my review of Pujol's wonderful Nasty, Brutish and Short EP. Here's what I had to say:

"If one were to scratch out a blueprint for the archetypal indie-rock band, Nashville's Pujol would be the result. Founded by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Daniel Pujol - the only constant in a group that included the Police's Stewart Copeland at one time - the band that bears his name has made a lot of influential friends in a short period of time. In two years, Pujol has released ten different recordings, including the full-length X File On Main Street album, released by a variety of pureblood indie labels including Jack White's Third Man Records and Infinity Cat (JEFF the Brotherhood's imprint)."

Check out the rest of the album review on Blurt's website....

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