Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Final?) Book Project Update!!

The Other Side of Nashville
Thought that it was about time to post a project update on The Other Side of Nashville book, so here 'tis!

We're very close...Tim Shawl has delivered all the cover artwork for the paperback and hardback editions, and his cover is freakin' great! The proofreading has been completed, and just waiting for me to finish up the corrections. I have a few interviews left to format and put on the page, and then we'll be ready to go to the printer.

I've had a few questions about why it's been taking so long to finish this book...well, it's frankly a heck of a lot of work, 620 pages, 8.5"x11" with hundreds of band listings, discographies, and photos. There are only a couple of us working to finish production, and since one of them is yours truly...and I work both a full-time and a part-time job...sometimes life interferes with my best intentions to work on the book.

That said, you don't want excuses, you want your book, and here's the timetable. I'm making a push to finish up and get the book to the printer by the end of June, and I've already notified our printer that I'll have the artwork to them by June 29th. I plan on starting to solicit advance orders sometime after June 15th. With a lot of work to tighten up the lay-out around the edges, and a little luck, we can get the book on the street in mid-July.

There will be two editions: a limited edition hardcover version, which will be sent out to all of our Kickstarter friends who helped fund the completion of the book, as well as a few other great friends who have donated time or materials to the project. The print run of this hardcover edition will be restricted to less than 100 copies, signed and numbered, and anything over the number of copies I send out to the above-mentioned people will retail for $39.95. The other edition will be the trade paperback, and it will be priced at $29.95 with free shipping.

Some of you have written and asked about the documentary film that I had originally planned on making along with the book. Plans for the video were pretty much shot down when my wife and I ended up having to move to WNY. Here's my promise, though -- if we sell 300 copies of the regular paperback version of The Other Side of Nashville, I will use the proceeds to spend a week in Nashville sometime later this year and arrange to videotape interviews with many, if not all, of the people that I interviewed for the book. I have already made arrangements with an experienced videographer to handle the audio/video end of the interviews, and have spoken with a video editor to turn the raw footage into a DVD, so all I need to do is raise some cash via book sales to make it all happen.

Here's something else that we're excited about...I've read about a couple of people that have had projects funded via Kickstarter that have chosen to celebrate their good fortune and "kick it forward," and we're going to do the same. We're going to donate 5% of the cost of every book ($1.50 for the paperback, $2.00 for the hardback) to other Kickstarter projects in order to try and spread around some of the good karma.

I hope that this answers some questions, and thanks to everybody for their patience...I've said it before, but we're very close, and after spending six years of my life on this project, I'm committed to finishing it up and moving on to some exciting new publishing ideas.


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