Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tommy Womack Now What! CD review

There has been a wealth of great music coming out of Nashville the past few months, much of it overlooked by the mainstream music publications and record buying public. Still, talents like Todd Snider and Tommy Womack continue to amaze by delivering great work. I recently had the enjoyment of reviewing Womack's Now What! album for Blurt magazine:

"Less a sequel than a bookend to the desperate "Hail Mary" pass that was There, I Said It!, Womack's Now What! imagines a career beyond the soul-destroying 9 to 5 dead-end the singer saw himself trapped in for the rest of his miserable existence. Displaying a disarming optimism amidst the introspective double-clutching and romantic daydreams than previously, Now What! offers up more of what Tommy Womack does best - working class blues from the street-view seats of the restless American dream."

Check out the rest of the review on the Blurt magazine website... 

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