Saturday, September 01, 2012

One More Book Project Update!

OK, this is the final update for The Other Side of Nashville book project! I have a couple more interviews to line up that I really want to get in the book, and I'll be doing those over the next week or so. My proofreading wife will take another spin through the finished pages, I'm contacting a couple of people to get last-minute photos to include, and we'll be wrapping up the project by the end of September.

Pre-sales for the paperback version of The Other Side of Nashville will begin on Tuesday, September 18th and run through the end of the month. With a little luck from the printer, we'll have finished copies to ship out to people the second week of October. On 09/18/12 we'll put a PayPal link up for folks to order the book in advance. Pre-sale price of the book will be $29.95 with free postage, after 10/02/12 the price will be $34.95 with shipping and handling.

As previously promised, 5% of the $29.95 cover price of the paperback book ($1.50) will be donated to other Kickstarter projects with a focus on books and music. We may even have some t-shirts to offer with Tim Shawl's cool cover artwork, but we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, circle the 09/18/12 date on your calendars!

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