Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Bluefields CD review

Nashville has a brand new rock 'n' roll supergroup, and it's the Bluefields!  Heck, rather than bore y'all with a lot of introductory blather, I'll just use my own words from the CD review I wrote for Blurt magazine back in July:

"Probably the closest that the Nashville rock scene has ever come to the birth of a bona fide "supergroup," the Bluefields comprise former Georgia Satellites' frontman Dan Baird (who, more recently, fronts his own Dan Baird and Homemade Sin band); Jason & the Scorchers' charismatic guitarslinger Warner E. Hodges (also a Homemade Sin band member); and singer/songwriter Joe Blanton, formerly of such beloved Music City rock 'n' roll institutions as the Enemy and Royal Court of China. All three men have a lot of miles under their belts, all three have experienced the fragile joys of a major label record deal, and all three have pursued solo careers with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, their individual pedigrees are impeccable..."

Check out the rest of the review on the Blurt magazine website...

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