Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Other Side of Nashville

Yes, my office is littered with dozens of marked-up pages from The Other Side of Nashville laying around here and there in small piles, and my computer's hard drive is swollen with a 620-page PageMaker layout for the book as well as hundreds of digital graphics files. CDs and vinyl record albums that were referred to in the writing of the book are scattered around haphazardly, but after six and a half years and thousands of hours of work, the book is done! The final tally is 500+ artists/bands listed and around 540 photos of bands, CD and LP covers, posters, and such in this profusely-illustrated volume.

Copies of this monster 8.5" x 11" paperback are sitting on my desk for shipping by USPS Media Mail to YOU! The mailers have already been purchased, which means I just need to stuff them with copies of The Other Side of Nashville.

So, here's the deal...cost of the 620-page trade paperback book is $33.00 with shipping at the Media Mail rate (slower than Priority, but still pretty fast!). As previously promised, 5% of the $29.95 cover price, or $1.50 per book sold, will be donated to various Kickstarter projects to pass along the love shown me by those good folks that helped fund completion of the book through Kickstarter.

Copies of The Other Side of Nashville are also now available through (click here), but copies you purchase directly from me through the PayPal link below will be autographed by the Reverend. This PayPal link is only good for U.S. orders only -- if you're in Canada or England, please email me at reverendk-at-mondogordo-dot-com and I'll return a quote on the cost of sending you a copy directly from the printer. Thanks!

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